The Most Difficult Challenges of Autism

Every Autism parent often asks the question, “What is the most difficult challenge of having a child with autism?” Honestly, the answers are always complex because there isn’t just one area that is the most difficult. How could any parent choose when everything about autism is challenging and hard? Autism spectrum disorder refers to a set of related conditions that affect social interaction, communication, and behavior. The impact can range from mild to severe. However it is important to remember that each child with autism is a unique individual, with unique needs and abilities. Because of this, he or she will uniquely experience those issues or may not experience them at all. Discover some commonly known challenges below:

Battling the Daily Meltdowns

Whether they explode out of nowhere or emerge from a tantrum as it gets further out of control, battling the daily meltdowns can be an awful experience; both for you and your child. Seeing your child suffer so badly can be heart-wrenching, and keeping them safe while it’s happening can be back-breaking. You need to identify the fact that their brains are wired differently and so it’s how they interact with the world. That’s something you have to come to terms with as parents so you can support them in the best way.

Long Term Care

This is the most haunting challenge for every autism parent that keeps them up during the night thinking about who will take care of their kids once they’re gone. The day-to-day care of children with autism can be stressful because our world is simply not decked to handle the multi-faceted needs of autism.

Lack of Empathy From the Public

Parents and siblings of an autistic child have to endure the stares and pointing of others whenever they’re out. They don’t understand why a perfectly normal-looking child is behaving in such a way. It sure doesn’t make the stress any easier on the whole family.

Stress of Potty Training

Potty training your child can be stressful for both parents and their little ones even under the best of circumstances and the stress factor can sky rocket when you have an autistic child. Few people realize that it can take twice as many years to potty train a child with autism as it does a typical child. For some it’s a lifelong issue due to myriad reasons.

Not to Lose Your Identity as a Parent

The pressure of becoming a super parent for your autistic child is overwhelming at times; even suffocating for some. For this reason, they often surrender to the pressures of becoming an overachieving parent to the point that they end up losing their identity in the process. So, you definitely shouldn’t allow the pursuit of being a good parent rob you of the importance of being kind to yourself as well. Make sure you prioritize your needs right up there with every other commitment.

Final Thoughts

Every new day brings a new challenge in the life of an Autism parent. While you mostly try to smile and work around it, there are times when you just can’t keep yourself together. But, remember! These challenges are like passing clouds. You need to stay strong to become your child’s safe space.

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